Letter from the President: Founders' Day 2016






Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority
P.O. Box 58304
Cincinnati, Ohio 45258

September 24, 2016

Dear Sisters,    

It is my pleasure to honor the legacy of our founders and wish you all a HAPPY FOUNDERS’ DAY! We are so very lucky to have our Founders with us today as we honor another year of this beautiful sister hood!  Thirty two years ago today, these courageous women announced the start of Phi Sigma Rho.  On behalf of National Council, I send our sincerest thanks to those sisters who had the courage and optimism to start Phi Sigma Rho and to those founding members in each chapter that put in the blood, sweat, and tears in creating a chapter on each new campus as well.
Each year on Founders’ Day, I like to stop and reflect on the vision and values our Founders have left us with.  I like to take this day as a moment to reflect on a new year of Phi Sigma Rho and I also like to ask myself how I can be a better sister this year. How can I be a better friend to someone that I care for dearly? What can I learn today and apply to yield success in my career? Who can I encourage today that needs to know someone is cheering them on? ….  I encourage you to reflect on our values and consider how you can celebrate Founders’ Day by representing them at your best today. 

One of the charter members of the Alpha Class of Phi Sigma Rho, Christine Jackson, has a famous catch phrase that many of us love.  As a fun way to celebrate Founders’ Day, I encourage you to share photos and tweets using the hashtag #itsabeautifulthingPRL of your favorite Phi Rho photo!  It would be fun to see composite photos, bid day, retreat photos under this hashtag as we celebrate together. 

Each of us have found something in Phi Sigma Rho that is at the core of who we are.  Our Founders paved the way for an organization of strong women that fosters leadership, scholarship, service, philanthropy, and sisterhood while still providing balance to accomplish careers in engineering and technology.  This sisterhood is for a lifetime and I’m so grateful to share it with all of you. It truly is a beautiful thing! Happy Founders’ day!!

In Sisterhood,

Teresa J Phillips
National President
Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority