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Alumnae Spotlights: Christine “Chris” Barman, Purdue – AlphaDegree: BSME Purdue University, MSME Oakland University, MBA University of MichiganCurrent Job: Consulting & TeachingPhi Sigma Rho has impacted my life by: Creating a community of exceptional women who inspired, motivated and supported me in obtaining an engineering degree.Favorite quote or motto: Luck favors the prepared – Edna Mode (Incredibles)Your happy place: Our home in west Michigan with my family and our new puppy, Mickey.Who is your role model and why? My mother. Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago, but the older I become the more I realize what an amazing woman she was.How do you handle criticism? We all have opportunities for improvement. Listen objectively and do not become emotional. Receive feedback openly, processes it and then decide if it merits the need for change.Left: My husband and our new puppy. (My handsome guys!)Below: Our family vacation to Europe last summerPurdue Distinguished Engineering Alumna, mentioned in the Alpha chapter spotlight in Spring 2018 The Key of Phi Sigma Rho

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