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BUFFALOENGINEERING MANAGEMENT MASTERS DEGREEHave you considered getting a Masters Degree in Engineering Management?Are you looking for online classes?How about a Phi Rho professor?If so, check out this Masters program at University at Buffalo!Sabrina Casucci, Purdue - AlphaDegree: BS in Materials Science and Engineering (Purdue), MBA (University at Bu alo) and PhD Industrial Engineering (University at Bu alo)CurrentJob: TeachingAssistantProfessor at the University at Bu alo in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering. I am also Chapter Advisor for the Alpha Omicron chapter at the University at Buffalo. In addition to my research work in health system modeling and consumer health informatics, I teach classes in engineering economy, manufacturing systems, and process improvement. This includes courses, such as Lean manufacturing (IE 564) in the Spring 2019 semester, that are part of the Master’s Degree program in Engineering Management.12 The Key of Phi Sigma Rho

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