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Order of the PyramidRecently, I received my new badge which is available only to members of the Order of the Pyramid. I could not be prouder, and I want to share some information and my thoughts with all of you. I’ve had several sisters ask how they, too, can get this spi y little badge. Well, I’m here to tell you, all you have to do is give back to the Sorority, which is a reward in and of itself. And, bonus, you get access to some sweet bling.I founded the Arkansas-Kappa chapter late in my collegiate studies, so being able to continue my involvement post-graduation allowed me to have more of the experiences I wanted from the organization: Making lifelong friends, including connections across the world; gaining leadership experience and developing professionally; having incredibly fun and silly nights with sisters from all over the world; and, in the process, being able to give back to this organization that I hold so dear. I have enjoyed every single minute of it, and I will for years to come.Policy 8.01-11 Order of the PyramidThere shall be an Order of the Pyramid, composed of alumnae and honorary members of the Sorority who have given distinguished service to Phi Sigma Rho and/or whose achievements and success have brought honor and prestige to the name of Phi Sigma Rho.Members eligible to be in the a.b. c. d. e.Order of the Pyramid include:Founder of the SororityNational PresidentServed a minimum of 2 terms on National CouncilServed a minimum of 5 years as a National VolunteerRecipient of one of the following awards: Distinguished Alumnae Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Orchid Award: Woman of the Year, Pearl Award: Exceptional Service.I want more inductees to join our ranks, and as you can see, there are multiple routes to do so. We have amazing sisters, and we’ve worked hard to continue to strengthen this Sorority. I strongly encourage others to think about which of the 3 Ts you can give back to the Sorority:• Time - This is really our most precious resource. Volunteering for the organization doesn’t necessarily require a commitment of years. Can you help with one project? Or perhaps you do want a longer-running project, such as a position on the Foundation Board of Directors or National Council. You do not have to do the latter to be involved. If you want to help, just ask. We always have projects, big and small!• Talent - What are you really great at that you could help with? Perhaps your particular  eld lends itself to speci c types of projects. Accountants and other  nancial professionals are GREAT for internal audit type projects. Lawyers are GREAT for reviewing bylaws, contracts, and so on. PR or marketing folks are GREAT for helping us develop our brand. You have talents to share, I just know it.• Treasure - Donations help the organization as a whole. The Foundation gives grants for leadership programming and scholarships. The Sorority provides resources for chapters, such as our full- and part-time sta . This money comes from dues in part, but donations and voluntary alumnae dues still make up a sizable chunk of operating costs. For those with little time, this is another way to make an impact.And please, PLEASE, nominate your sisters for awards. We are out there doing amazing things, ladies, and I want everyone to know. Consider honoring that sister with a nomination. How great will she feel knowing you thought of her? There’s nothing better than receiving acknowledgment and feeling that encouragement.I’m honored to call you all sisters, and I am so proud of the achievements we’ve made individually and together. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and for all that you do.Phi Rho Love Always!Becky CaldwellArkansas - KappaNational Vice President of Standards, 16TH National Council18 The Key of Phi Sigma Rho

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