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Letter from the PresidentJust a few weeks ago, I was rummaging through my closet and came across my Member Manual from when I was an Active at the University of Toledo - Delta Chapter. I sat for a few minutes and reminisced about the great times we had – building  oats, attending football games, sisters only events, taking pictures for our composite, driving to National Convention meetings, just to name a few. Then it occurred to me how much my life haschanged, as well as how much Phi Sigma Rho has grown and improved in these last twenty- ve plus years.Something that remains stead-fast, though, is one reason we become members of this organization – for the sisterhood. As an Active, we have a chance to form life-long friendships and as an Alumna, we can continue those relationships to help us through all the ebbs and  ows of life. The bonds that I have with many sisters is my biggest motivation behind remaining an active volunteer.As we approach thirty- ve years of existence, it is a chance to remember what we stand for: friendship, scholarship, and encouragement. Being a Phi Rho allows all of us to pursue our greatest dreams while being true to ourselves and our sisters. Take a moment to re ect on what this sorority means to you – I can guarantee that your heart will be  lled with pride.Let’s celebrate together at Convention next summer in Scottsdale, AZ. It promises to be an amazing weekend of programming and sisterhood.PRL,Christine MacLarenToledo - Delta National President, 16th National CouncilFall 2018 3

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