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2018 CONFERENCE RecapJuly 20-22, 2018, the ladies of Phi Sigma Rho gathered at Purdue University for the National Leadership Conference. We had over 140 ladies attend this year to participate in some new and fresh programming. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to have a wonderful keynote speaker, Lindsay Boccardo. In addition to the two keynote sessions presented by Lindsay, we also had multiple other programming sessions delivered by Phi Rho alumnae and outside speakers.We kicked off our Friday with a wonderful meal at the Alpha chapter house and the opportunity to visit and tour the Purdue Rocket Labs as well as an informative roundtable session with various alumnae. The roundtable session allowed actives to ask a variety of questions to the alumnae whose experiences varied from recent graduate all the way to 20 years of experience. This panel was also very diverse in that not every alumna was a “traditional engineer.” Some of theladies participating didn’t graduate in engineering, others graduated in engineering but weren’t working in a traditional role and overall the wealth of knowledge and experiences shared was very well received by those who attended. There was no shortage of questions or discussion!On Saturday, we kicked o  the morning with a presentation and update from the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation. Then we had some wonderful breakout sessions from a variety of speakers. Actives had the opportunity to attend sessions on Myth-busting, Networking, and Con ict Resolution with Laurel McHugh and Christina Wiseman, Personal Finance with Christine MacLaren, Stress Management and Keeping a Positive Balance with Will Evans, Leadership and Attitude with Karlee Nuttleman, as well as sessions on ritual, membership education, recruitment, scholarship, and one speci cally for the chapter presidents.The highlight on Saturday was hearing from Lindsay Boccardo. She did two keynote sessions with us, sharing about “The Five Attitudes in the O ce” and “Leadership in High Achiever Land.” Lindsay was a dynamic, engaging, and informative speaker. We learned about how to recognize the attitudes and howto adapt to work with and manage them during the Five Attitudes. Then, after lunch we learned more about how we, as typical high achievers, can sometimes fail to truly recognize and celebrate our successes which leads us to potential burn out and general unhappiness in High Achiever Land. Lindsay proved to be truly open, approachable, and collaborative when she had us participate with texting during the presentation and she even shared her personal details as well as her Instagram for anyone who might want to reach out to her in the future.The overall feedback from the weekend was very positive and we ended on a high note by sharing awards, LEAP certi cation acknowledgement, and most importantly learning more details about the July 2019 Convention!4The Key of Phi Sigma Rho

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