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MEMBERSHIP EDUCATION UpdateWith the start of the 2018-2019 school year, we are excited to introduce the brand-new National Membership Education Program. Based on feedback from both chapters and volunteers, this program provides much-needed standardization, while remaining adaptable to any chapter regardless of size or campus culture. These changes are expected to signi cantly improve the experience of our candidates, while requiring minimal additional e ort from chapters and membership educators.The new program has a two-fold focus: values-based and knowledge-based education. Weekly candidate meetings focus on the values of our organization, chapter-specific information, and preparing candidates for their time as active members. Online modules focus on the factual information about our organization and concepts that are important for candidates to learn and actives to remember. In addition, Candidate Requirements have been updated to provide a tangible learning outcome for each requirement that clearly ties in with theoverall goals of membership education. The Membership Education Manual provides membership educators with detailed lesson plans, requirements, icebreakers, handouts, and best practices that will help them as they guide their new candidates.The division between candidate meetings and online modules not only allows for a greater depth of information, but provides a greater variety of learning styles for all candidates to learn in their own way. The amount of lecture time in candidate meetings has been greatly reduced, with a stronger emphasis on class bonding, learning activities, and guided values-based discussion. These discussions range from a lighthearted commentary on friendship and loyalty, to dealing with the more di cult situations that may be encountered as active members or o cers of the chapter.The online modules are self-paced courses covering six di erent topics, providing important information about our history, concepts, and organization.This ensures that all candidates are learning the same information, with the hope of reducing confusion and misinformation across chapters. Integrated assessments ensure that candidates are reading and retaining information, in a low pressure environment that allows each candidate to work at her own pace. The information contained in these modules can be easily updated and amended by the National VP of Membership, with no e ort required from chapters.There is still much work to be done to perfect this program, but in time, we anticipate that we will begin to see more uniformly educated actives with a greater understanding of who we are and what Phi Sigma Rho stands for. Continuous feedback is an indispensable part of this process, and every comment received is taken into account. Any questions and comments regarding the Membership Education Program may be sent to the National VP of Membership, Nichole Aquino, at 20185JUST KEEP BUILDING WHAT? 2019 National Convention WHERE? Scottsdale, Arizona WHEN? July 17-20, 2019More information coming soon!

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