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Ritual CommitteeAdithy Nagarajan, Case Western - Omicron Maria Linn-Evans, Vanderbilt - Alpha Eta Nichole Aquino, Connecticut - ThetaJesse Minuto, Pittsburgh - ZetaLaurel McHugh, Toledo - DeltaMembership Education CommitteeEmily Cornieles, Toledo - DeltaJill Goodrich, Arkansas - KappaLauren Valle, Dayton - GammaLeah Shaheen, Michigan State - Alpha Delta“For me, volunteering on the ritual committee was meaningful because I was able to make lasting changes tothe rituals that bring all Phi Rho sisters together. I was especially excited to work on the installation ceremony, since Ihad been an Alpha class member at my chapter and that particular ritual was so special and important to us. I hope that future sisters who experience these new rituals will  nd that they are meaningful and impactful in their lives.”Maria Linn-Evans, Vanderbilt - Alpha EtaService with Sigmand, Phi Sigma Rho’s annual service week held this past April, was established to bring all chapters togetherto participate in events bene cial to our communities. With a little bit of competition and a lot of encouragement, each chapter and individual sister was inspired to work their hardest to give back in creativeways that certainly strengthened their sisterhood and improved their surrounding communities.2017: Phi Sigma Rho sisters from 12 di erent chapters completed over 1100 hours during this week and participated in a total of 42 di erent events across the country.Most hours per person by chapter1st: Toledo - Delta Chapter, 11.4 hrs2nd: Berkeley - Alpha Theta Chapter, 5.93 hrs 3rd: UC Irvine - Pi Chapter, 5.7 hrsMost hours logged by a chapter1st: Toledo - Delta Chapter, 614 hrs2nd: UC Irvine - Pi Chapter, 170 hrs3rd: Berkeley - Alpha Theta Chapter, 130 hrsSigmand Active AwardMegan Spencer, UC Los Angeles - Nu2018: Phi Sigma Rho sisters from 10 di erent chapters completed over 700 hours during this week and participated in a total of 46 di erent events across the country.Most events hosted by a chapter1st: Kentucky – Epsilon Chapter, 4 events 2nd: UC Los Angeles – Nu Chapter, 3 events 3rd: Toledo – Delta Chapter, 2 eventsMost hours logged by a chapter1st: Toledo – Delta Chapter, 306 hrs2nd: UC Los Angeles – Nu Chapter, 154 hrs 3rd: Arizona State - Alpha Lambda Chapter, 135 hrsSigmand Active AwardAtreyi Mitra, UC Los Angeles - NuSigmand Alum AwardMary Beth White, Oregon State - SigmaHOW TO NOMINATE SISTERS FOR AWARDS?You can nominate your sisters for all of these awards at awards-nomination“I initially volunteered to start to be involved with something outside of work and check back in with the happenings of Phi Sigma Rho since I graduated. It was really interesting to learn about whereall the women came from that helped with the project. It was also interesting comparing and contrasting on how much each chapter varies and interprets things di erently from the education process.I hope with all of the conversations and brainstorming session this team has had for this new education process it will help make it easier to understand what Phi Sigma Rho is about and how to be a great sister.”Leah Shaheen, Michigan State - Alpha DeltaMary Beth White, Oregon State - Sigma Megan Goodwin, Cincinnati - Alpha Beta Kathleen Vijaywergia, Ohio State - Beta2016-2018 Regional Field DirectorsEmily Alexander, Toledo - DeltaCourtney Riley, Michigan - EtaTricia Fuge, Ohio State - BetaHeather McCall, Purdue - AlphaKelsey Blake, Michigan - EtaSammy Manning, Louisville - Alpha Gamma Mary Beth White, Oregon State - Sigma Sharon Snyder, Case Western - Omicron“I initially volunteered to stay connected with the organization that truly made my undergraduate experience whatit was. I feel like I can give back to chapters aside from my own by o ering fresh perspective and truly unbiased advice. I feel as though I’ve been able to make an impact even with a small time commitment while I have a career, am going to graduate school, and have been planning a wedding! I have been able to build relationships with other chapters and grow as a leader. The skills and experience has helped me to advance in my career as well. I loved volunteering so much that I did it again for another term! I feel a true connection to the organization and helping in any way possible is not something I want to give up!”Courtney Riley, Michigan - EtaFall 20187

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