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Colony Updates:University of Nevada, RenoOn September 21, 2018, the leaves had not yet changed, but we had a great time taking photos with both our newly inducted Beta class and our mentor chapter, Alpha Theta from Berkeley! It was the best  nale to our  rst ever recruitment season. Alison and Brooke will never forget showing up to Rachael’s house with a teacup containing her bid (it was SUPER CUTE – we kept the teacups that our potential new members used during our tea party recruitment event) and being invited to stay for spaghetti night with the Youngs! Already, our colony is sharing the phi rho love around campus – we had two socials and were voted on and approved as an associate member of Panhellenic Council on October 8th! We also planned several fundraisers this semester and are planning a philanthropic event for next semester with Farmhouse to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Besides holding internal and external events, we are working to  nish our petition to become a chapter! We wanted to share our super adorable families: in addition to colors, we are also designating families by the women who have most inspired us. We are super excited to see what this year holds for us and can’t wait to grow closer with our sisters.PRL,Brooke LanierPresident of Phi Sigma Rho Colony at the University of Nevada, RenoAbove and below: Alpha Class members goo ng o  following Beta Class Induction8The Key of Phi Sigma RhoLeft: Sel e from Bowling Social with Alpha Sigma PhiAbove: Phi Rho candidates Christina (left) and Haley Ann (right) repairing bikes for Kiwanis service event

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