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Colony Updates:
University of California, Santa Barbara
Hello Phi Sigma Rho!
We, the UCSB Colony (Chapter as of October 14, 2017), are proud to share our progress toward becoming a Chapter! Over the past year we have undergone induction and membership education, written bylaws, performed service projects, fundraised, and
University at Buffalo
After only a year, the University at Buffalo Colony has made strides to progress themselves through the chapter recognition process. They successfully hosted two fundraisers: the first profiting just over $70 and the second profiting $250. They have also taken part in service events such as volunteering at the local Teacher’s Desk and making cards for hospitalized children, in addition to their philanthropic involvement during Relay for Life. On Friday, September 22nd, they will be attending a Light the Night Walk in Buffalo. Socially, they have begun to establish good relations with the other organizations on campus – specifically with the only other engineering Greek organization, Theta Tau.
The latest and greatest achievement of UB’s Colony was the successful
recruited a Beta class to make our dream a reality. This summer we finalized our petition and bylaws, both of which were approved by Convention vote. Through the collaborative effort of 21 girls, we now look forward to establishing a Chapter presence
on our campus and sharing our values of friendship, scholarship, and encouragement with sisters to come.
This fall we planned a Big-Little week and I-week for our Colony. As installation approached, we were thankful to the women who could make the trip to Santa Barbara to perform the ceremony. We have received so much advice and encouragement along the way and we look forward to officially joining the sisterhood!
-UCSB, Alpha Xi Chapter s
recruitment and Induction of their Beta class. Out of the 27 PNMs who showed up to the first day of recruitment, 22 went through interviews and 14 were inducted into the Beta class. The large turnout during recruitment only validated the colony’s belief that more UB women in engineering would be interested in Phi Sigma Rho. The colony has been establishing a much greater presence on campus and proving that
they are dedicated to becoming a chapter and eventually joining the University’s Panhellenic Council despite doubts from other Greek organizations.
The path to becoming a chapter is gradually coming to a close as the colony at the University at Buffalo continues to flourish and grow. They are greatly looking forward to their Installation into chapter status in 2018. s
The Key of Phi Sigma Rho

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