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Colony Educator Spotlight:
Renee Lueke
Major: B.S. Chemical Engineering Current Job: Manufacturing Engineer
at Zodiac Aerospace
What do you like most about being Colony Educators?
Participating in the growth of a new chapter, helping to bring Phi Rho to my home city, and seeing a group of young women take not only an interest in joining Phi Rho, but taking the first steps needed to bring it to their campus and setting the colony up to be sustained as a chapter.
What made you want to get involved with PSR after graduation?
Being a part of Phi Rho during college had more impact than I realized at the time, and I missed it after graduation. Being from the Pitt chapter, but living in Buffalo I couldn’t easily participate
in alumna events, and was excited to have the opportunity to help bring Phi Rho to NY.
How do you handle criticism?
I’d like to say I handle it well, but it is hard not to take personally sometimes. I think the only way to be positive when receiving criticism is to know how to positively GIVE criticism. Understanding the constructive way to give it can help to turn it to a positive message for yourself when you are on the receiving end. If people care enough to point out an improvement opportunity, that usually means they care enough to want you to overcome it and succeed.
How do you balance a career with motherhood?
Since I am due in December, this one will be a challenge! I am nervous about the need/want to work late and the need to pick the baby up from day care. I am not giving up my board member position on Buffalo’s chapter of ASM, and am hoping I won’t get too tired to remake that decision. I’m also not dropping out
of grad school, and am hoping I can finish my degree (1 year left) before being a mom becomes too demanding. I want to set the example to my kid of not giving up on your goals. We are doing day care 3 days a week, and then my husband is staying home the other 2 days. He is a musician with a part time retail job during the day, so he needs to have nights available for his shows, whereas I need days available for my job. In theory, we hope it will work out! s
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