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2017 Foundation Scholarship Winners
Each year at National Conference or Convention, the Foundation awards three $1,000 scholarships to deserving Phi Rhos. This year, the scholarships were awarded to Meredith Jones from the University of Louisville, Miranda Vargas from the University of Toledo, and Madison Farrell from Michigan State University. See what they had to say, below!
Merit Sarah Rogers McClure Scholarship Memorial Scholarship
Leadership Scholarship
Meredith Jones
Louisville-Alpha Gamma
“This sorority has not only molded me into a capable leader and
scholar but also continually inspires, encourages, and empowers me.
With the support of my sisters I have successfully become the first member of my family to graduate college.”
Miranda Vargas
“Sarah Rogers McClure’s ideals are those I strive to live up to everyday as I continue my journey as a sister of Phi Sigma Rho, and I hope to make her memory proud. Receiving this scholarship means so much to me not only in being honored as sister, but it will aid me in continuing my academic endeavors.”
Madison Farrell
Michigan State-Alpha Delta
“Throughout the course of my academic career I have had the honor of being a part of a multitude of student organizations, clubs, bands, and extracurricular activities. I can say with certainty though that none of them have had a greater impact on me than Phi Sigma Rho. The opportunities I’ve been given as a member coupled with the consistent guidance and motivation from the sisters in my chapter have made me the leader I am today.”
Scholarship applications can be found at and will be due by March 1, 2018. s
Phi Sigma Rho’s Top 5 Selling Affinity Vendors in 2017
1. South By Sea College
2. CustomInk LLC
3. Affiliate Merchandise Group
4. Something Greek / EZ Corporate Clothing 5. Adam Block Design
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