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Alumnae Dues
Active Alumna - $35 Annually
Being an Active Alumna means volunteering to support the sisterhood in its advancement and growth by paying alumnae dues. These voluntary alumnae dues directly support our national expansion efforts and increased programming via webinars and at National Conferences/ Conventions.
Lifetime Active Alumnae - $600
As part of the revamped dues program that was introduced earlier in 2017, all alumnae who become lifetime members will receive this exclusive piece of Phi Sigma Rho jewelry as a token of appreciation.
Phi Sigma Rho would like to especially thank the following alumnae sisters for their gracious support and for choosing to be Lifetime Active Alumnae. Their gracious support helps sustain programming for both our undergraduate and alumnae members.
Abby Schwartz, Purdue-Alpha
Alexandria Jean Caliguire, Toledo-Delta
Alison Meshew, Dayton-Gamma
Allison Page Lenhoff, Michigan-Eta
Amanda Brown, Dayton-Gamma
Amanda Lee Champa, Louisville-Alpha Gamma Amy Elizabeth Mazzanti, Dayton-Gamma
Angela Christine Stuller, Ohio State-Beta
Britnee Simone Lloriel Dickerson, Howard-Phi Cara Redding, Connecticut-Theta
Chloe Mae Randich, Michigan-Eta
Christina Joy Yang, UCLA-Nu
Christine Jackson, Purdue-Alpha
Christine Lynne Barman, Purdue-Alpha
Colleen Ann Bush, Ohio State-Beta
Danee Elizabeth Berumen, Cal Poly Pomona-Psi Elana Mae Chapman, Dayton-Gamma
Elishka Lorien Jepson, Washington-Mu
Elizabeth Dapp, Dayton-Gamma
Emily Tran Nguyen, Cal Poly Pomona-Psi
Errynne N. Bell, UCSD-Chi
Gabrielle Francis Salazar, Pittsburgh-Zeta
Haley Ann Moeder, Wright State-Alpha Zeta Haley Maureen Moore-Rhoades, Purdue-Alpha Heather Diane Monigan (Berger), Dayton-Gamma Heather Rebecca Lazar, Ohio State-Beta
Helen Juyoung Lu, Louisville-Alpha Gamma Hillary Cartimandua Emer, Case Western-Omicron Janette Belle Junge, Purdue-Alpha
Lifetime Active Alumnae
Jena McClanahan, Kentucky-Epsilon Jennifer H. Lee, UCSD-Chi
Jennifer Kathleen Bailey, Ohio State-Beta Jennifer Marie Kline, Dayton-Gamma Jennifer Roach, Purdue-Alpha
Jessica Folkes, Houston-Upsilon
Jillian May Price, Ohio Northern-Iota Katelyn Breanne Howay, Michigan-Eta Katherine Elizabeth Willis, Case Western-Omicron Katherine Erin Hoppert, Kentucky-Epsilon Katherine Giesler Johnson, Case Western-Omicron Katherine Lynne Cook, Michigan-Eta Kathleen Marie Lyall, Dayton-Gamma Kathleen Marie Vijaywergiya, Ohio State-Beta Kathryn Mason Shrock, Purdue-Alpha Kathryn Terese Baker, UCSD-Chi
Kellina Maren Anderson, Case Western-Omicron Kelsey Anne Blake, Michigan-Eta
Kristina Nicole Abernathy, Pittsburgh-Zeta Laura Kristin Dexter, Oregon State-Sigma Lauren Lee Behrle, Missouri S&T-Rho Leanne Marie Price, Purdue-Alpha
Lisa Diane Canterbury, Ohio State-Beta Maggie Joan Ditto, Toledo-Delta
Mary Beth White, Oregon State-Sigma Melissa Rene Mercurio, UCSD-Chi
Mona Nury Kim, UCSD-Chi
Monica Sowders, Dayton-Gamma
Nicole Ann Kiser, Purdue-Alpha Nicole Marie Bylsma, UC Irvine-Pi Nicolette Patricia Yovanof, Penn State-Lambda Pamela Christine Haupt, Michigan-Eta Pamela Kabbes, Purdue-Alpha Paula Wlos, Purdue-Alpha Phylicia Lenora Trottman, Howard-Phi Rachel Noel Rich, Louisville-Alpha Gamma Rebecca Ann Schmidt, Cincinnati-Alpha Beta Rebecca Riley, Youngstown State-Alpha Alpha Renee Nicole Rigrish, Wright State-Alpha Zeta Sabrina Noel Casucci, Purdue-Alpha Samantha Marie Wadge, Ohio State-Beta Sara Elizabeth Dasilva, Pittsburgh-Zeta Sara Elizabeth Thurston, Kentucky-Epsilon Sarah Elizabeth Brandeau, Case Western-Omicron Sarah N. Fisk, Florida-Tau Selena Moore, Purdue-Alpha Sharon Bernice Drake, Houston-Upsilon Sharon Waxmonsky, Penn State-Lambda Shine Wang, UCSD-Chi Sophie Marie Pouliquen, Purdue-Alpha Stacey M. Horvitz, Pittsburgh-Zeta Suzanne Gagnon, Dayton-Gamma Tammy Marie Lowe, Purdue-Alpha Thomya Charie Goode, Howard-Phi Tori Nicole Trout, Vanderbilt-Alpha Eta Tricia D. Gaydosh, Dayton-Gamma Vivian Robertson, UCLA-Nu
Are you interested in becoming an active alumna? Please visit to find out more. This page had detailed information about the voluntary alumnae dues program, including how to pay dues and the special benefits reserved for dues-paying alumnae.

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