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Letter from the President Humanity Refocused
These past few weeks have me thinking about the essence and importance of humanity. When my son, Ashton, was a year old, America experienced what we now commonly refer to as “9/11”. I was visiting my mother in Florida when I saw play out on television what seemed like a scene from a movie from Independence Day which starred Will Smith and Vivica Fox. It wasn’t until my sister called me from a Los Angeles tarmac that what I thought was a movie was an incredulous reality. My life, watching “Bear in the Big Blue House” with Ashton had changed just that quickly.
I remember things afterwards in the days to come being eerily quiet and somber, especially when Ashton and I finally were able to fly back home to Columbus, Ohio. Anyone who has traveled with a one year old toddler knows how stressful traveling can be. However, I recall noticing how everyone was so willing to help each other and make sure each person was taken care of. No one was grimacing about the possibility of having “to maybe sit next to a mother with little people”. What I noticed, for that very brief moment in time, was there was no issue about skin color, ethnicity or perceived social economic station. The focus was solely on taking care of each other.
That was 16 years ago, and Ashton is now a freshman at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University in Greensboro, NC. Now in this current season, it appeared as though we have lost that loving feeling for our fellow man somewhere along the way. Our media streams show us daily, hourly, grim instances of this same love and compassion I referenced above as being almost nonexistent. Intolerance of each other is the norm these days or so it seems.
However, with the onslaught of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the devastation that it has brought in many areas of our landscape, I believe that these devastating events have brought us back to center— caring for each other without regard to those barriers that have normally separated and divided us. Those same barriers don’t seem as important anymore. Or better yet, were they even important in the first place?
As we move toward our new normal things and return to “normal”, let’s make sure that whatever we find our hands to do, that they do something that builds up and restores another person. As The Supremes sang... “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place if you can”...
Someone has a need.
That’s Phi Rho Love, for real and in color. PRL,
Mary McWilliams
Ohio State-Beta
National President, 16TH National Council
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