National Council

Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority is governed by the National Convention and the National Council. The Convention serves as the legislative branch of the sorority and is comprised of each voting member of National Council and delegates from each chapter and the corresponding alumnae associations. The Convention is the final ruling party in judicial matters and meets biennially.

The National Council is composed of nine voting members and two non-voting advisors. It acts as the executive and judiciary body of the sorority. National Council meets biannually to review the affairs of the sorority, implement additional programming, adjust regulations and execute judiciary matters.

Council Officers

Kathy Lyall
National President

Dayton - Gamma

Kathy Lyall is an alumna member of the Dayton-Gamma chapter. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton, and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from Western Michigan University. This is Kathy’s fourth term serving on the National Council of Phi Sigma Rho. Previously, she served one term as Member at Large (1998-2000), and two consecutive terms as President (2000-2004). Under Kathy’s leadership, the Sorority grew from 4 chapters to 20 chapters. These four years are still viewed are the most industrious and successful in the sorority’s 35-year history. In recognition of her leadership during this era, Kathy was bestowed the Pyramid Builder Award in 2005, as one of the most influential Sisters in the Sorority’s first 25 years of existence.

Professionally, Kathy is Director of Quality at RTI Surgical, an innovative medical device company that designs and manufactures biologic, metal, and synthetic implants. In recognition of her accomplishments in the field of Quality Engineering, Kathy was bestowed the Phi Sigma Rho Lifetime Achievement Award (2014), and was also named a Fellow of the American Society for Quality (2015).

The President presides over all National Council and National Convention meetings and directs and oversees the work of the National Council. She is the official national leader and spokesperson of the Sorority and has the power to appoint committees, call special meetings and designate a spokesperson in her absence. The President or her designated representative serves as an ex-officio member on the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation Board of Directors.

Kellan Ponikiewicz
Vice President of Standards

Penn State - Lambda

As a collegiate member, Kellan was a founding member of the Penn State – Lambda chapter. Kellan has served on two national councils as VP of Programming and VP of Finance. As VP of Programming, Kellan created LEAP, the national leadership program, and Resumania. Kellan was a member of the first board of directors for the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation and has advised national council on issues related to recruitment, NPC membership, Title IX and trademarks. 

Professionally Kellan is a senior counsel at Cerence Inc. where she focuses on intellectual property management and enforcement. Throughout her career, Kellan has counseled small businesses and large corporations on matters involving intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, employment, licensing and general corporate matters. Kellan has a B.S. in electrical engineering and a J.D. from Suffolk University.

The Vice President of Standards presides in the absence of the President and aids the President in any way deemed necessary. She is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies, Ritual, regulations and precedents of the Sorority. The Vice President of Standards receives all proposals for consideration at National Council and National Convention meetings, submits proposals on behalf of the National Council and oversees the adoption of approved proposals. She oversees all legal and insurance issues.

Stephanie Donahue
Vice President of Communications

Ohio State - Beta

Stephanie Donahue is an alumna of The Ohio State University-Beta Chapter, where she graduated with a B.S. in Computer & Information Science. Stephanie is new to the National Council.  Professionally, she is the co-founder and CEO of PAIT Group. She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

The Vice President of Communications records and distributes minutes of National Council meetings and National Convention meetings and distributes the minutes of all National committee meetings. She oversees all communications including the creation and updating of Sorority publications and publicity materials including the newsletter, website, and social media, and the news-release packages.

Alexandria Caliguire
Vice President of Finance

Toledo - Delta

Alexandria Caliguire is an alumna of The University of Toledo-Delta Chapter, where she graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Alex previously served on National Council as VP of Collegiate Affairs on the 14th National Council and as VP of Finance on the 16th National Council. Professionally, she is an Automation Engineer at CRB. She currently resides in Medford, MA.

The Vice President of Finance oversees all national purchases and payments; presents bills to members, chapters, colonies and alumnae organizations; and keeps a record of all national receipts and expenditures. She prepares and distributes annual budgets for review at National Council and National Convention meetings and prepares and distributes monthly reports on the financial status of the Sorority to the National Council.

Sharon Snyder
Vice President of Collegiate Affairs

Ohio Northern - Iota

Vice President of Collegiate Affairs Sharon Snyder is an alumna of the Ohio Northern University Iota chapter where she graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and also holds a MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. She previously served at the collegiate level as secretary and historian, and nationally served as a Regional Field Director in the West 2 region. Professionally, she is a Systems Engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems. Sharon lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband and two feline fur babies, Hamilton and Sammy.  

The Vice President of Collegiate Affairs is the primary liaison for active chapters and chapter advisors to the National Council. She is responsible for maintaining communication with chapters in order to effectively represent them to the National Council. The Vice President of Collegiate Affairs maintains status reports on each chapter and its membership. She or her designated representative is to visit with each chapter.

Jenna Daghstani
Vice President of Alumnae Affairs

Toledo - Delta

Vice President of Alumnae Affairs Jenna Daghstani is an alumna of the University of Toledo Delta Chapter, where she graduated with her BS in Bioengineering.  She also received her MS in Systems Engineering at George Washington University. She has previously served as the Colony Educator for Cleveland State University, a Phi Sigma Rho Foundation volunteer, and as the National Leadership Director.  In her spare time, Jenna enjoys biking, crafting, and playing pinball. Jenna is currently a Product Engineer at Gebauer Company and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The Vice President of Alumnae Affairs is the primary liaison between alumnae organizations and the National Council. She is to help continuously improve the alumnae organizations by providing the alumnae members with resources and fostering sorority ideals.

Kate Pellett
Vice President of Expansion

Penn State University, Behrend - Alpha Iota

Kate Pellett is an alumnae of the Alpha Iota chapter. She graduated with a degree in Plastics Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie, The Behrend College in December of 2017. She is the founding member, and acted as President, Vice President, Philanthropy Chair, coached greek week and was Vice President of Panhel. Professionally, she is a Technical Development Engineer at Peacock Colors in Chicago, Illinois. 

The Vice President of Expansion coordinates and implements expansion efforts. She may also be the primary representative of Phi Sigma Rho to a national governing body.

Kathleen Vijaywergiya
Vice President of Programming

Ohio State-Beta

Vice President of Programming Kathleen M. Vijaywergiya is an alumna of The Ohio State University Beta chapter where she graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering and holds an MBA in Management from Baldwin Wallace University. She previously served at the collegiate level as chapter president, new member educator and historian. Professionally, she is an Enterprise Technical Quality Consultant at Progressive Insurance utilizing her Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification. Kathleen lives in Independence, OH with her husband and 2 boys.

The Vice President of Programming coordinates the implementation of Sorority programs and the educational and leadership training for members. She oversees programs and training for philanthropy, scholarship and other member development programs.

Caitlin Millis
Vice President of Membership

Michigan - Eta

Vice President of Membership, Caitlin Millis, is an alumna of the University of Michigan - Eta Chapter. She graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. During her active years, Caitlin served as President and Vice President of Finance for the Eta Chapter. Professionally, she works as a System Engineer in Automated Material Handling and runs her own Health & Fitness business. Caitlin currently resides in Northville, MI.

The Vice President of Membership oversees all aspects relating to recruitment, new membership education, merchandising and trademarks, and rituals. She serves to maintain that the spirit of Phi Sigma Rho is represented appropriately at all times.

National Council Advisor

Position currently vacant.

The National Council Advisor serves as a mentor and aids in transition. She also serves as the chair of the Nomination Committee and have other duties and responsibilities as determined by the President or National Council.