Phi Sigma Rho was founded in 1984 with the vision to be the foremost social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology by fostering among its members lifelong friendship, scholarship, and encouragement. Our mission is in Re-Engineering Sorority Life. What does that mean? These are the pillars that define what we strive for:

  • United By a Common Goal

    We strive to make our collegiate years a life experience by balancing the demands of our major with the fun and sociality of Greek life. This common goal unites us - both as sisters and as a philosophy. 

  • Connected Through an Inherent Spirit

    We all share an inherent spirit which led us to choose engineering. This spirit amplifies within this sisterhood, fueling our efforts to lift up our sisters, our colleges and our communities to unprecedented heights.

  • Energized By Leading Dynamic Lives

    Our chosen major will challenge us in our collegiate years and for the rest of our lives. This could consume us if we let it. But instead we balance it with the camaraderie and support of this sisterhood, which can empathize but also encourage us to lead dynamic lives. 


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