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Joining Phi Sigma Rho

Phi Sigma Rho was founded in 1984 as a social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology. United by the common goal of our profession, we work to balance the demands of our major with the fun of Greek life. With camaraderie and the support of our sisters, we come together to create an energy that amplifies for the purpose of lifting up our sisters, our colleges and our communities to unprecedented heights. PhiRho: Re-Engineering Sorority Life.

Each year Phi Sigma Rho searches for new members who uphold our values of friendship, scholarship, and encouragement through the Phi Rho Way. Membership in Phi Sigma Rho connects you to an entire network of like-minded women who lift one another up to unprecedented heights. If you're looking for a life experience instead of only an education, consider joining Phi Sigma Rho to meet not only your sisters, but your people.

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How do I join a pre-existing chapter?

Do you know whether there is a Phi Sigma Rho chapter already at your school? Check out this list to find a chapter near you.

If Phi Sigma Rho is already at your college or university, you'll have to follow your school's recruitment process.


How do I start a new chapter?

Phi Sigma Rho is always seeking opportunities for growth. Through our new chapter process, we carefully evaluate potential new colleges and universities and lead interested students through the process of becoming a chapter.

If you attend a school where a Phi Sigma Rho chapter has not previously existed and are interested in starting a chapter on your campus, we encourage you to reach out to our VP of Strategic Growth to get started.

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Contact the Vice President of Strategic Growth

The VP of Strategic Growth, Jenna Daghstani, is responsible for directing and overseeing the growth process. She can be reached at

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